February Home LOVE: Ready for a Room Refresh?

I am a BIG proponent of LOVING your home.  For me, that means keeping it uncluttered (as best as possible with two adorable mess makers at home), keeping personal items and photos around that reflect me and my family, and decorating to fit our needs and style.

A decorating project always sounds like it is going to be really fun, doesn’t it?  You get inspiration from friends or Houzz and Pinterest.  Then the reality hits!  Before you know it you are overwhelmed by what you need to purchase, not sure where to shop for items you think you want and most importantly unsure if those items will even fit or look good in your space.  You spend countless hours trying to figure it all out just to throw up your arms and put off the project altogether for a while.  Or maybe I’m just personalizing….. 😉

Hiring an Interior Designer is often a wise investment although I realize that may not be the right fit for everyone.  I am not fully trained as an interior designer but I do take pride in knowing how to make a space functional and recognizing when my clients want to take their spaces to the next level with regard to organizing or decorating.  Sure I help my clients with some decorating along the way, for example, I’ll recommend organizational type products (file cabinets, storage benches, decorative boxes, and baskets, etc.), but sometimes I’ll also help with a lamp here or curtains there if I know I can serve my clients’ needs.  But when a client wants a total room makeover or a complete “finishing touches” service quickly, I call in my friends from Wakefield Design Center wakefielddesigncenter.com.  They-Are-Pros!

The Wakefield team will join me once at the clients’ home to see the space, measure, and take photos.  I then accompany my client to their HUGE Stamford showroom so they can sit in some furniture and see their incredible and gorgeous selection of accessories and artwork and get feedback on their likes and dislikes.  (Did I mention artwork?!!!  Their art collection is the most beautiful and extensive I’ve seen!!!  If you’re looking for show stopper pieces you need to visit this showroom!  Keep in mind it is a Trade Only showroom so unfortunately, it is not open to the public.)  Often in less than one week from the initial meeting, the Wakefield pros are able to tie it all together and will install the furniture, rugs, lamps, accessories and even hang some gorgeous artwork too!  You don’t even need to be home!  How about that for service?!!!  What my clients love about this service is that it is fast, easy and most importantly they end up with top notch, fabulous and unique spaces that are photo ready when it is all said and done.

Our homes are where we rest and spend time with the ones we love.  We want our homes to be a place that reflect our aesthetics and our passions.  Whether it is colorful or filled with soft neutrals, we want it to feel good when we walk in our front door.

Last week, my daughter said to me “Mommy, I love our home.”  I don’t remember what prompted it but I remember smiling back gleefully and gushing “I love our home too!”.

Cheers to a lifetime of spending time with those we love the most, in a place we love to call home!

If you would like help achieving your organizing goals or are interested in a Room Refresh, send me an email today.

Happy Organizing!



Photo courtesy of Paul Johnson Photography pauljohnsonphotography.com